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Dodgers(mj) 15

Astros(mj) 11

No Player Data Available

Game Details

  • Walsh Park - Field #1

Game Description

A Dodgers six run fourth inning prevailed to them to a 15-11win over the Astros. For the Dodgers, Ty Westerman had two doubles and a single. Jayson Ruffin had two doubles. Nash Meredith had a double and two singles. David Ryks added a double. Grant Tucker had a double and a single. Elliott Easter and Braydon Lawson(3 had base hits. For the Astros, Isaac Abney had two triples and a single. Joe Siderewicz had a double and three singles. Elais McCall, Mason O’Dwyer and Xaiver Isable had base hits. Deacon Dowell had a triple.