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2021 North Oldham Little League All-Stars

By Brad Clifford, 06/12/21, 8:45PM EDT



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Congratulations on your child making the 2021 North Oldham Little League All-Stars.  All-Star  Managers will contact you after Friday.    Game dates and times will be given out as soon as possible.   June 26th earliest for Post-Season 
In a 9 x 12 envelope should be sealed with the players name on it and turned in to the concession stand by Sunday June 13.   and should have the following items in the envelope                
         1 Original birth certificate.( All Teams)  
         1 copy of birth certificate(all teams))  
       A check for $65   make payable to NOLL or with credit card at the concession stand.Worker will mark paid on your envelope

Medical release Forms (they are on the website above the state champions signs)

All-Star Apparel Order Forms (will be availableon website Thursday morning)
      Separate Check or you may pay with credit card make payable to NOLL

All National team players must provide proof of residence.   You should have turned in at sign-ups you will be notify what hasn’t been turned below is a guide to help you

          1. Residence Boundary Proof:  All players that live in our league boundaries or attend a school in our league boundaries.  You must provide 3 proofs of residence (easiest ones are Drivers License, utility bill, vehicle registration with a date between 2/1/20 to 2/1/21 marked on the proof or a school enrollment form from a school in our league boundaries.   Must provide one proof from each group below and the documents must contain  the full residence which includes parent(s) or guardian(s) name, street address, city, state, and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1, 2020 (previous year) and February 1, 2021.(current year)Please mark proof, one from each group and turn in.
__Residence Proofs- Player lives in North Oldham Little League Boundaries

__1. Driver’s License
__2. School records
__3. Vehicle records
     (i.e.,registration, lease,        etc.)
__4. Employment records
__5. Insurance documents    
__1. Welfare/child care records
___2. Federal records
          ( Federal Tax, Social Security, etc)
___3. State records
___4. Local (municipal) records
___5. Support payment records
___6. Homeowner or tenant records
___7. Military records  

_1. Voter’s Registration
__2. Utility bills
     (i.e. gas,electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
__3. Financial records
     (i.e. loan, credit, investments, etc
_4. Medical records
__5. Internet, cable, or satellite records



            2. School Boundary Proof: A player that attends a school that is in North Oldham Little League boundaries
and that player lives outside or inside  the league boundary but attends one of the following schools, Buckner, Centerfield, LaGrange, Locust Grove, EOMS and OCMS, you must provide a school enrollment form(on website) as their proof or residence.    Player attends a school in North Oldham Little League boundaries please mark school___Buckner  ___Centerfield   ___LaGrange ___Locust Grove ___EOMS ___OCMS


6-7 Year Old Post-Season 6-7 Year Old Post-Season 8 Year Old Post-Season 8 Year Old Post-Season 8 Year Old National
Baseball Softball Baseball Softball Baseball
Manager Mike Caudill Bridget Frailey Manager: Jeff Veech Manager: Travis Salisbury Manager: Josh Roberts
Baker, Henry Baillargeon, Presley Adams, Griffin Claybern, Taylor Ball, Kairo
Bramlage-Schomburg, Beckett Beyer, Kyndall Bradley, Walker Davis, Kimbree Blevins, Bodee
Burckardt, Wyatt Collins, Sydney Fisher, Evan Davis, Maylee Bush, Benjamin
Dennison, Sawyer DaSilva, Brielle Flanagan, Jameson Flanagan, Sloane Lindauer, Owen
Hodges, Ethan Fox, Ellinor (Ellie) Fleischer, Brady Goss, Hadley Moore, Kyser
Husband, Wyatt Hopkins, Charlee Grave, Juan Hunt, Hadli Moore, Levi
Lye, Sawyer Hunsaker, Brenly Houchens, Noah Lay, Frances Pedigo, Nick
Neuner, Levi Kraus, Lily Jacobson, Luke Lyons, Embry Roberts, Seth
Potts, Cooper Lay, Gianna  Moberly, Talyn McIlvoy, Makenzi Saucier, Lucas
Turley, Owen Lindsey, Hunter Murphy, Bodie Salisbury, Paisley Williams, Lee
Via, Lucas Payton, Cheyenne Simpson, Cruz Salyer, Reagan Shea Williams, Liam
Withrow, Nolan Samudio, Miabella Watson, Jameson Wisdom, Ella Wise, Brantley
  Welsh, Ryann   Withrow, Anna  
9 Year Old Post-Season 10 Year Old Post-Season 9-10 Year Old National 9-10 Year Old National  9-11 Year Old National
Baseball Baseball Softball Baseball Softball
Manager: Rob Burckardt Manager: Jason Dattilo Manager: Bryan Oberholtzer Manager: Brad Clifford Pattie O'Rourke
Bottorff, Brady Brown, Carter Cheatham, Natalie Collins, Colton Barnhart, Madison
Brown, Cooper Campbell, Cory Claybern, Payton Cooper, C.C. Cushingberry, Marlee Dupree
Burckardt, Dawson Deaves, Hardy Dickerson, Harper Esterly, John Davis, Madeline
Edgar, Jackson Hulsman, Evan Doelker, Hallee Fleischer, Liam Davis, Rori
Gathof, Eli Kiesewetter, Issac Giles, Lauren Keck, Billy Doyle, Maddie
Hoffman, Nathan Konerman, T.J. Hall, Averie Neuner, Keaton Edgar, Harper
Lindauer, Thad Miller, William   Eli Haysley, Reagan O'Dwyer, Michael Hinkle, Helene
Mais, Casey Rice, Weston  Hopkins, Brooklynn Quinones, Leonardo Hunsaker, Ryne
Matthews, Owen Ruffin, Joshua Husband, Gracie Roberts, Jacob Matthews, Monie
Richards, Seth Samudio, Nikos Oberholtzer, Leah Simpson, Kaleb O'Rourke, Brianna
Stethen, Nolan Sutton, Tony Welsh, Asher Taylor, Braxton Polley, Alexis
Stratton, Henry Tiu, Haven West, Emery Videll, Liam Watson, McKenzie
West, Max Warner, Liam   Withrow, Matt  
11 Year Old Post-Season 11 Year Old National 12 Year Old Post-Season 11-12 Year Old National 12 Year Old National
Baseball Baseball Baseball Softball Baseball
Manager: Mike Tucker Manager: Casey McCall Manager: Zach Bush Manager; Ken Cartledge Manager:Scott Becker
Baillargeon, Sawyer Bryant, Ty Bernstein, Stephan Brown, Madilynn Becker, Carsen
Burnett, Isaac Cox, Ryan Bush, Barrett Cartledge, Kayla Breeding, Ian
Feigel, Quinn DePugh, Eli Caldwell, Colt Claybern, Kailyn Collins, Cooper
Himes, Wyatt Hill, Emmett Hester, Reid Fischer, Emma Fish, Caden
Human, Fitz Hounshell, Carter Keller, Evan Horvath, Madison Goss, Grant
Koehler, Carter Lindauer, Jack Lane, Brody Kilfoile, Alina Hopkins, Hunter
Lane, Aiden Lye, Sam Mack, Allen Knabel, Lucy Joy, Conner
Stivers, Embry McCall, Samuel Renton, Ronin Lay, Elizabeth Keck, Levi
Stratford, Jake Meredith, Hudson Roush, Cole  Nimmo, Laken O'Dwyer, Mason
Townsend , Crutcher Moore, Vallon Singleton, Lucas Pedigo, Natalie Potts, Logan
Vincent, Jordan Salisbury, Porter Taylor, Lucas Robison, Bailey Ruffin, Jayson
Young, Vincent Tucker, Jon Whitaker, Jake Townsend, Bekah Wirth, MJ
  Young, Lucas Wilson, Tre Wirth, Sydney Wright, Tyler


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