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Friday night games rained out

All games for Friday night are rained out. Makeup days a& times are posted below

Visitors Home Field  Makeup Day & Time
Redsoxs(mj) Astros(mj)  Field #1 Wednesday, June 8   8pm
Bluejays(mn) Angels(mn)  Field #2 Tuesday, June 7  8pm
Cyclones(mns) Scorpions(mns)  Field #3 Monday, June 6 8pm
A's(rk) Phillies(rk)  Field #4 Sunday, June 5th  2:00pm
Wolverines(rks) Outlaws(rks)  Field #5 Sunday, June 5th 4:00pm
Bulls(cp) Rivercats(cp)  Coach-Pitch SUnday, June 5th 2:00pm
Ironbirds(tb) Thunder(tb)  T-Ball Field Sunday, June 5th 4:00pm
Scrappers(tb) Mudcats(tb)  T-Ball Field Sunday, June 5th 5:00pm
Whitesoxs(mj) Brewers(mj)  Field #1 Monday, June 6 8pm
Warriors(mns) Dynamites(mns)  Field #3 Wednesday, June 1   8pm

Rained out games - Makeup Days & Times

Rained out games from May 25 & 26  with make-up day and time

Visitors Home Field  Makeup Day & Time
Whitesoxs(mj) Giants(mj)  Field #1 Sunday,June 5th 2pm
Angels(mn) Bluejays(mn)  Field #2 Sunday, June 5  2pm
Cyclones(mns) Warriors(mns)  Field #3 Thursday, June 2   6pm
Rangers(rk) D-Backs(rk)  Field #1 Thursday, June 2 6pm #1
Royals(rk) Tigers(rk)  Field #1 Thursday, June 2 8pm #1
Timber Rattlers(cp) River Bandits(cp)  Coach-Pitch Tuesday, May 31    7pm
Rail Riders(tb) Hooks(tb)  T-Ball Field Sunday, June 5th  3pm
Emeralds(cp) Red Wings(cp) T-Ball Field Wednesday, June 1  7pm  
Astros(mj) Braves(mj)  Field #1 Sunday,June 5th   4pm
Dodgers(mj) Braves(mj)  Field #1 Saturday, June 11th  2:15pm
Rockies(mn) Padres(mn)  Field #2 Wednesday, June 1st  8pm
Trimble County(mjs) Rampage(mjs) trimble county TBA
Orioles(rk) Pirates(rk)  Field #3 Wednesday,June 1  8pm 
Magic(rks) Wolverines(rks)  Field #5 Saturday, June 4  2pm
Iron Pigs(cp) Blue Rocks(cp)  Coach-Pitch Wednesday, June 1st 7pm
Bats(tb) Rockhounds(tb)  T-Ball Field Sunday, June 5th 2pm
Hot Rods(cp) Mudhens(cp)  Coach-Pitch Thursday, June 2  7pm
Marlins(mn) Reds(mn)  Field #2 Sunday, June 5th 4pm

Tuesday Night Games

By Bradley Clifford 05/25/2022, 6:45am EDT

The scoreboards stayed busy Tuesday night  at Walsh Park  with some exciting games decided on their last at bats.  In Major  Baseball, the Astros put game away with a nine run fifth inning to beat the Brewers 14-4.  In Major Softball, the Hornets defeated the Rampage 12-9.   In Minor Baseball, the Mets edged the Marlins  13-11.  In Rookie Baseball, the Yankees took care of the Cubs 20-3 and the phillies need an extra inning to beat the Mariners 7-6. Visit Highlights at our wbesite for game highlights of each game.

Monday Night Games

By Brad Clifford 05/17/2022, 5:15am EDT

As we reached the mid-season point  week six continued with great weather  Monday night at Walsh Park.  In Major Baseball, the Astros took care of the Redsoxs 9-5.  In Minor Baseball, the Marlins defeated the Nationals 11-7.   In Minor Softball, the Dynamites defeated the Warriors 10-6.  In Rookie Baseball, the Pirates bats stayed bisy in a 17-4 win over the Cubs.  In Rookie Softball, the Outlaws picked up a 17-8 win over the Wolverines. Visit highlights at our website  for game highlights of each game.

Saturday Game Highlights

By Brad Clifford 08/15/2020, 9:15pm EDT

With great weather Walsh Park was busy Saturday morning as three baseball championships was decided.    In Major Baseball, the Twins claimed the championship defeated the Astros behind the pitching of Logan Edsell and Levi Keck.   In Minor Baseball, the Rockies took care of the Padres winning 16-5 against the Padres from the bats of Aiden Newkirk, Lucas Young and Sam McCall.   In Rookie Baseball, the championship went an extra inning  as the Redsoxs record stayed perfect 15-0 with a 12-11 win over the Phillies as Levi Withrow had the game winning double.

Visit our website for game highlights. Webpage>Home>NO2020> division   or   webpage>2020 gamehighlights>division 

Thursday Games

By Brad Clifford 08/14/2020, 8:00am EDT

It was a great and busy night at Walsh park on Thursday as the Baseball Divisions had  their Semi-Finals and  we had alot of  great games.  In Major Baseball, the Astros stopped the league leader Cardinals 8-2. In the night cap The Twins  Jow Walters strong pitching helped edged the Yankees 4-3.   In Minor Baseball, the Padres rally back on the top seed Indians to win 10-8.  In the second game, the Rockies topped the Cubs as Tony Sutton knocked in CC Cooper with game winning run in the bottom of the sixth inning to win 6-5 over the CUbs.   In Rookie Baseball,  the Redsoxs remained perfect as they stopped  the Giants 9-7. The Philies Talyn Moberly had the game winning hit scoring Kane Isable  with the winning run in the bottom of the sixth inning to beat the Royals 10-9.

All baseball championships are on Saturday at 10:00am  All-Stars trophy presentations will be after the games.

Visit our website for game highlights. Webpage>Home>NO2020> division   or   webpage>2020 gamehighlights>division 

2022 North Oldham Little League Apparel

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WELCOME to North Oldham Little League website. We hope everyone is enjoying the 2022 season so far despite some bad weather. Games everyday day until Derby Day. visit 2022 highlights for game highlights of every game.

North Oldham Little League will be hosting the state tournament for baseball and softball  in  July

Hope everyone has a great 2022 season.  Visit our website often for updates through out the season.

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Upcoming Games May 23rd - 27th

mj=Major baseball  mn=Minor Baseball rk=Rookie baseball  

mjs=Major Softball  mns=Minor Softball  rks=Rookie Softballcp=Coach Pitch   tb=T-Ball

Monday, May 23      
Braves(mj) Redsoxs(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Twins(mn) Padres(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Scorpions(mns) Dynamites(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Cardinals(rk) A's(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Falcons(rks) Outlaws(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Riverdogs(cp) Blue Rocks(cp)  Coach-Pitch 6:00 PM EDT
Marauders(tb) Yard Goats(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Bulls(cp) Storm(cp)  Coach-Pitch 7:00 PM EDT
Giants(mj) Dodgers(mj)  Field #1 8:00pm
Tuesday, May 24      
Brewers(mj) Astros(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Mets(mn) Marlins(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Hornets(mjs) Rampage(mjs)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Mariners(rk) Phillies(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Yankees(rk) Cubs(rk)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Knights(cp) Storm(cp)  Coach-Pitch 6:00 PM EDT
Lugnuts(tb) Grasshoppers(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Tin Caps(cp) Riverdogs(cp)  Coach-Pitch 7:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, May 25      
Whitesoxs(mj) Giants(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Angels(mn) Bluejays(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Cyclones(mns) Warriors(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Rangers(rk) D-Backs(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Royals(rk) Tigers(rk)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Timber Rattlers(cp) River Bandits(cp)  Coach-Pitch 6:00 PM EDT
Rail Riders(tb) Hooks(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Emeralds(cp) Red Wings(cp)  Coach-Pitch 7:00 PM EDT
Astros(mj) Braves(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Thursday,  May 26      
Dodgers(mj) Braves(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Rockies(mn) Padres(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Trimble County(mjs) Rampage(mjs) trimble county 6:00 PM EDT
Orioles(rk) Pirates(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Magic(rks) Wolverines(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Iron Pigs(cp) Blue Rocks(cp)  Coach-Pitch 6:00 PM EDT
Bats(tb) Rockhounds(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Hot Rods(cp) Mudhens(cp)  Coach-Pitch 7:00 PM EDT
Marlins(mn) Reds(mn)  Field #2 8:00 PM EDT
Friday, May 27      
Redsoxs(mj) Astros(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Bluejays(mn) Angels(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Cyclones(mns) Scorpions(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
A's(rk) Phillies(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Wolverines(rks) Outlaws(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Bulls(cp) Rivercats(cp)  Coach-Pitch 6:00 PM EDT
Ironbirds(tb) Thunder(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Scrappers(tb) Mudcats(tb)  T-Ball Field 7:00 PM EDT
Whitesoxs(mj) Brewers(mj)  Field #1 8:00 PM EDT
Warriors(mns) Dynamites(mns)  Field #3 8+A471:D537:00 PM EDT

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