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  • 2021- 7 Year Old State Champions
  • 2020 8-10 Year Old State Champions
  • 2020 10-12Year Old State Champions
  • Walsh Park
  • 2011 Little League World Series
  • 2011 LLWS Fans Our great fans at the first game of the 2011 LLWS
  • Walsh Park at night


WELCOME to North Oldham Little League website.  Hope everyone had a great spring season.  Thank you to everyone that helped supported North oldham Little league the past season.  Congratulations to our 7 Year Old  Baseball All-Stars for winning their State Championship.

Fall Ball is underway and ends Saturday October 9th

Visit our website for league updates, game highlights and other information through out the season.

2021 -7 Year Olds Coach Pitch State Champions beats Eastern 14-3



All games for Monday, Sept. 20th have been canceled because of rain. All games will be made up next Wednesday, September 29th at same times

2022 Board Members and Officers

North Oldham Little League will have its annual meeting to elect board members and officers for the 2022 season.  .  The meeting will take place on Sunday, September 26 at 7:00pm  at Walsh Park.   If you would to like to become a board member  and be more involved in the league, please make plans to attend. Any Questions contact Brad Clifford 

Fall Ball Upcoming Games September 23- October 2

Major Baseball = mj   Minor Baseball =mn  Rookie Baseball = rk

Coach-Pitch = cp T-Ball = tb Minor Softball = mns Rookie Softball = rk

Visitor Home Location Field
Thursday, September 23    
Navy(mn) Gray(mn)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Red(mn) Green(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Orange(mns) Pink(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Red(rk) Navy(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Blue(rks) Pink(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Gold(cp) Green(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Red(tb) Navy(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Red(cp) Royal(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Saturday, September 25    
Gray(mj) Gold(mj)  Field #1 10:00 AM EDT
Royal(mn) Gold(mn)  Field #2 10:00 AM EDT
Orange(mns) Purple(mns)  Field #3 10:00 AM EDT
Gray(rk) Green(rk)  Field #4 10:00 AM EDT
Pink(rks) Purple(rks)  Field #5 10:00 AM EDT
Navy(cp) gray(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 10:00 AM EDT
Navy(tb) Orange(tb)  T-Ball Field 10:00 AM EDT
Orange(cp) Maroon(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 11:00 AM EDT
Gold(tb) Royal(tb)  T-Ball Field 11:00 AM EDT
Navy(mj) Red(mj)  Field #1 12:00 PM EDT
Gray(mn) Navy(mn)  Field #2 12:00 PM EDT
Blue(mns) Yellow(mns)  Field #3 12:00 PM EDT
Gold(rk) Royal(rk)  Field #4 12:00 PM EDT
Visitor Home Location Status
Monday, September 27    
Red(mj) Gold(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Navy(mn) Royal(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Yellow(mns) Purple(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Royal(rk) Gray(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Blue(rks) Purple(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Orange(cp) gray(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Orange(tb) Red(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Gold(cp) Maroon(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Tuesday, September 28    
Navy(mj) Gray(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Red(mn) Gray(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Pink(mns) Blue(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Red(rk) Gold(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Green(rk) Navy(rk)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Red(cp) Gold(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Gold(tb) Navy(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Navy(cp) Green(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Wedenesday, September 29    
Gray(mj) Red(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Green(mn) Red(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Pink(mns) Yellow(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Navy(rk) Red(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Purple(rks) Blue(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
gray(cp) Green(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Royal(tb) Red(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Royal(cp) Orange(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Thursday, September 30    
Gray(mj) Navy(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Gold(mn) Green(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Blue(mns) Orange(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Gold(rk) Red(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Purple(rks) Pink(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Maroon(cp) Gold(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Navy(tb) Royal(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Royal(cp) gray(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Saturday, October 2      
Gold(mj) Red(mj)  Field #1 10:00 AM EDT
Green(mn) Gold(mn)  Field #2 10:00 AM EDT
Purple(mns) Pink(mns)  Field #3 10:00 AM EDT
Navy(rk) Green(rk)  Field #4 10:00 AM EDT
Pink(rks) Blue(rks)  Field #5 10:00 AM EDT
Navy(cp) Red(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 10:00 AM EDT
Red(tb) Gold(tb)  T-Ball Field 10:00 AM EDT
Green(cp) Orange(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 11:00 AM EDT
Royal(tb) Orange(tb)  T-Ball Field 11:00 AM EDT
Gray(mn) Red(mn)  Field #1 12:00 PM EDT
Royal(mn) Navy(mn)  Field #2 12:00 PM EDT
Orange(mns) Yellow(mns)  Field #3 12:00 PM EDT
Gray(rk) Royal(rk)  Field #4 12:00 PM EDT


2021 Fall Ball

Managers will get rosters by  Saturday, July 31

 Fall Ball  teams  will start practicing  on August 2nd .   Games will start  August 28th and go to October 9th.

If you missed sign-ups for Fall Ball  we have few spots still available in all divisions except Rookie Baseball

contact Brad Clifford or 758-5183 for availability

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