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WELCOME to North Oldham Little League website.  The 2021 season will  open on April 12th and the parade and opening ceremonies  will be on Saturday , April 17th.  We will be celebrating 30 years at Walsh Park, recognizing  our two baseball state champions  and will celebrate our 10th anniversary  of the 2011 Little League World Series team.

Visit our website for league updates, game highlights and other information through out the season.

We hope you are looking forward to the 2021 season and hope you and your family has a great season.

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Opening Day Parade Saturday April 17th

                          2021 OPENING DAY PARADE - SATURDAY, APRIL 17TH

    North Oldham Little League will be having the Opening Day Parade on Saturday, April 17th. There will be no breakfast due to covid,  but we will have the parade. 
    Masks are required for all players and adults before and during the parade and opening ceremonies.

All teams are expected to participate in the parade and opening day ceremonies.  At the LaGrange Fire Department - 309 South 1st Street(Hwy 53).  We will start lining up for the parade at 8:15am at the beginning of the drive to the firehouse.  There will be safety cones that will be marked by a number and each will have 3 teams on it.  Line-up where your cone number for your team is on the map(map is below).  Please make sure your team is between the right two teams. Parents are welcomed to walk with their kids team to the park.
The parade will start and leave the Fire Department sat 8:45am and proceed up Hwy. 53 to Madison Street, right on Madison Street to 4th Street, right on 4th Street to Walsh Park entrance, proceed to field #3 where every team will be introduced and they will march onto the field for the rest of the Opening Day Ceremonies.  At the Opening Ceremonies will recognized our 10's and 12's Baseball State Champions, 2011 Little League World Series team will celebrate their 10th anniversary and we will celebrate 30 years at Walsh Park.

Latest News

SafeSport Resources Abuse awareness for adults

Safe Sport resources -Abuse awareness for adults

Upcoming Games April 12th-April 17th

Baseball - Major = (mj),   Minor = (mn), Rookie = (rk),   Coach-Pitch = (cp)

Softball - Major = (mjs), Minor = (mns),  Rookie = (rks)    T-Ball = (tb)

Visitors vs  Home  Field Time
Thursday, April 15th      
Braves(mj)  vs  Marlins(mj)   Field #1 6:00 PM
Angels(mn)  vs  Brewers(mn)   Field #2 6:00 PM
Bluejays(rk)  vs  Cubs(rk)   Field #4 6:00 PM
Pirates(rk)  vs  Twins(rk)   Field #5 6:00 PM
Red Wngs(cp)  vs  Bandits(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM
Ironbirds(tb)  vs  Hooks(tb)   T-Ball Field 6:00 PM
Friday, April 16th      
Storm(cp)  vs  Bandits(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM
Lake Monsters(tb)  vs  Yard Goats(tb)   T-Ball Field 6:00 PM
Riverdogs(cp)  vs  Mudhens(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM
Saturday, April 17th      
A"s(mj)  vs  Dodgers(mj)   Field #1 10:00 AM
Reds(mn)  vs  Rangers(mn)   Field #2 10:00 AM
Hornets(mjs)  vs  Warriors(mjs)   Field #3 10:00 AM
Twins(rk)  vs  Mariners(rk)   Field #4 10:00 AM
Rampage(rks)  vs  Falcons(rks)   Field #5 10:00 AM
Emeralds(cp)  vs  Iron Pigs(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 10:00 AM
Marauders(tb)  vs  Ironbirds(tb)   T-Ball Field 10:00 AM
Hot Rods(cp)  vs  Knights(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 11:15 AM
Grasshoppers(tb)  vs  Mudcats(tb)   T-Ball Field 11:30 AM
Cubs(rk)  vs  Giants(rk)   Field #4 12:00 PM
Scorpions(rks)  vs  Wolverines(rks)   Field #5 12:00 PM
Magic(mns)  vs  Dynamites(mns)   Field #3 12:00 PM
Yankees(mj)  vs  Marlins(mj)   Field #1 12:15 PM
Redsoxs(mn)  vs  Brewers(mn)   Field #2 12:15 PM
Bulls(cp)  vs  Lugnuts(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 12:30 PM
Thunder(tb)  vs  Hooks(tb)   T-Ball Field 1:00 PM
Blue Rocks(cp)  vs  Riverdogs(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 1:45 PM
Outlaws(mns)  vs  Cyclones(mns)   Field #3 2:00 PM
Nationals(rk)  vs  Tigers(rk)   Field #4 2:00 PM
Whitesoxs(rk)  vs  Bluejays(rk)   Field #5 2:00 PM
Rockhounds(tb)  vs  Rattlers(tb)   T-Ball Field 2:15 PM
Padres(mj)  vs  Rays(mj)   Field #1 2:30 PM
Orioles(mn)  vs  D-Backs(mn)   Field #2 2:30 PM
Red Wings(cp)  vs  Mudhens(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 3:00 PM
Visitors vs  Home  Field Time
Monday, April 19th      
Dodgers(mj)  vs  Padres(mj)   Field #1 6:00 PM
Rangers(mn)  vs  Orioles(mn)   Field #2 6:00 PM
Dynamites(mns)  vs  Outlaws(mns)   Field #3 6:00 PM
Tigers(rk)  vs  Twins(rk)   Field #4 6:00 PM
Falcons(rks)  vs  Scorpions(rks)   Field #5 6:00 PM
Riverdogs(cp)  vs  Bandits(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM
Rockhounds(tb)  vs  Thunder(tb)   T-Ball Field 6:00 PM
Mudhens(cp)  vs  Blue Rocks(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM
Tuesday, April 20th      
Marlins(mj)  vs  A"s(mj)   Field #1 6:00 PM
Brewers(mn)  vs  Reds(mn)   Field #2 6:00 PM
Warriors(mjs)  vs  Hornets(mjs)   Field #3 6:00 PM
Whitesoxs(rk)  vs  Cubs(rk)   Field #4 6:00 PM
Magic(mns)  vs  Cyclones(mns)   Field #5 6:00 PM
Knights(cp)  vs  Bulls(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM
Mudcats(tb)  vs  Marauders(tb)   T-Ball Field 6:00 PM
Ironbirds(tb)  vs  Yard Goats(tb)   T-Ball Field 7:00 PM
Wednesday, April 21st      
Rays(mj)  vs  Yankees(mj)   Field #1 6:00 PM
D-Backs(mn)  vs  Redsoxs(mn)   Field #2 6:00 PM
Pirates(rk)  vs  Mariners(rk)   Field #4 6:00 PM
Rampage(rks)  vs  Wolverines(rks)   Field #5 6:00 PM
Lugnuts(cp)  vs  Emeralds(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM
Lake Monsters(tb)  vs  Hooks(tb)   T-Ball Field 6:00 PM
Thursday, April 22nd      
Braves(mj)  vs  Dodgers(mj)   Field #1 6:00 PM
Angels(mn)  vs  Rangers(mn)   Field #2 6:00 PM
Dynamites(mns)  vs  Magic(mns)   Field #3 6:00 PM
Bluejays(rk)  vs  Giants(rk)   Field #4 6:00 PM
Cubs(rk)  vs  Nationals(rk)   Field #5 6:00 PM
Storm(cp)  vs  Red Wngs(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM
Grasshoppers(tb)  vs  Rattlers(tb)   T-Ball Field 6:00 PM
Iron Pigs(cp)  vs  Hot Rods(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM ED
Friday, April 23rd      
Yankees(mj)  vs  Padres(mj)   Field #1 6:00 PM
Redsoxs(mn)  vs  Orioles(mn)   Field #2 6:00 PM
Nationals(rk)  vs  Pirates(rk)   Field #4 6:00 PM
Falcons(rks)  vs  Rampage(rks)   Field #5 6:00 PM
Bandits(cp)  vs  Mudhens(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM
Rockhounds(tb)  vs  Hooks(tb)   T-Ball Field 6:00 PM
Bulls(cp)  vs  Iron Pigs(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM
Saturday, April 24th      
Marlins(mj)  vs  Rays(mj)   Field #1 10:00 AM
Brewers(mn)  vs  D-Backs(mn)   Field #2 10:00 AM
Magic(mns)  vs  Dynamites(mns)   Field #3 10:00 AM
Mariners(rk)  vs  Bluejays(rk)   Field #4 10:00 AM
Wolverines(rks)  vs  Scorpions(rks)   Field #5 10:00 AM
Knights(cp)  vs  Lugnuts(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 10:00 AM
Grasshoppers(tb)  vs  Ironbirds(tb)   T-Ball Field 10:30 AM
Red Wngs(cp)  vs  Blue Rocks(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 11:15 AM
Rattlers(tb)  vs  Yard Goats(tb)   T-Ball Field 11:45 AM
Giants(rk)  vs  Tigers(rk)   Field #4 12:00 PM
Rampage(rks)  vs  Falcons(rks)   Field #5 12:00 PM
A"s(mj)  vs  1.Braves(mj)   Field #1 12:15 PM
Reds(mn)  vs  Angels(mn)   Field #2 12:15 PM
Emeralds(cp)  vs  Hot Rods(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 12:30 PM
Mudcats(tb)  vs  Lake Monsters(tb)   T-Ball Field 1:00 PM
Riverdogs(cp)  vs  Storm(cp)   Coach-Pitch Field 1:45 PM
Twins(rk)  vs  Whitesoxs(rk)   Field #4 2:00 PM
Hornets(mjs)  vs  Warriors(mjs)   Field #3 2:15 PM
Rockhounds(tb)  vs  Rattlers(tb)   T-Ball Field 2:15 PM
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