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2023 Opening Day -April 10


The 2023 season gets underway in  two weeks  as the season opens on Monday, April 10th.    Games schedules are now available on the website. Opening Day Parade and Breakfast is Saturday, April 15th.  LaGrange Fire Department will be hosting the breakfast ra. starting at 7:00pm.  Rain or shine please help support their fundraiser.  All Teams will start lining up for the parade at 8:15pm with te parade  leaving the fire Department at 8:45am and proceed to Walsh Park for Opening Day Ceremonies.  Handout is below

2023 Opening Day Parade & Breakfast April 15th


2023 Picture Day - Saturday, April 22nd

2023 Picture Day is on Saturday, April 22nd at the Walsh Park Pavilion.  Pictures times for each team are listed on the handout  below.   Some games start times may be delayed until both teams are done and are at the field.  Make-Up Day is Tuesday, April 25   5:00pm - 7:00pm

Upcoming Games April 10- April 15

Visitors   Home Team Field Time
Monday, April 10th        
Astros(mj)  vs  Braves(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Mets(mn)  vs  D-Backs(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Rampage(mjs)  vs  Hornets(mjs)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Redsoxs(rk)  vs  Rangers(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Warriors(rks)  vs  Hornets(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Tin Caps(cp)  vs  Ironbirds(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Lugnuts(cp)  vs  Hooks(cp)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Storm(cp)  vs  Trash Pandas(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Yard Goats(cp)  vs  Emeralds(cp)  T-Ball Field 7:00 PM EDT
Tuesday, April 11th        
Phillies(mj)  vs  Guardians(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Marlins(mn)  vs  Cubs(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Cyclones(mns)  vs  Wolverines(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Angels(rk)  vs  Royals(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Bulls(cp)  vs  Mighty Mussels(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
River Bandits(tb)  vs  Rockhounds(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Hot Rods(cp)  vs  RedWings(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Bats(tb)  vs  Iron Pigs(tb)  T-Ball Field 7:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 12th      
Mariners(mj)  vs  Yankees(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Rockies(mn)  vs  Brewers(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Giants(mn)  vs  Nationals(mn)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Bluejays(rk)  vs  Rays(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Marauders(cp)  vs  Grizzlies(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Blue Rocks(tb)  vs  Mudhens(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Mudcats(cp)  vs  Rivercats(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Timber Rattlers(tb)  vs  Grasshoppers(tb)  T-Ball Field 7:00 PM EDT
Thusday, April 13th        
Reds(mn)  vs  Guardians(mj)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Scorpions(mns)  vs  Pirates(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Orioles(rk)  vs  Dynamites(mns)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Cardinals(rk)  vs  Tigers(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Riverdogs(cp)  vs  Athletics(rk)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
Railriders(cp  vs  Yard Goats(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Padres(mj)  vs  Tin Caps(cp)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Grizzlies(cp)  vs  Cannon Ballers(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Tides(cp)  vs  Storm(cp)  T-Ball Field 7:00 PM EDT
Friday  April 14        
Rockies(mn)  vs  Mets(mn)  Field #1 6:00 PM EDT
Nationals(mn)  vs  D-Backs(mn)  Field #2 6:00 PM EDT
Falcons(mjs)  vs  Rampage(mjs)  Field #3 6:00 PM EDT
Athletics(rk)  vs  Rangers(rk)  Field #4 6:00 PM EDT
Outlaws(rks)  vs  Magic(rks)  Field #5 6:00 PM EDT
RedWings(cp)  vs  Tides(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 6:00 PM EDT
Iron Pigs(tb)  vs  Knights(tb)  T-Ball Field 6:00 PM EDT
Cannon Ballers(cp)  vs  Lugnuts(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 7:00 PM EDT
Rockhounds(tb)  vs  Bats(tb)  T-Ball Field 7:00 PM EDT
Saturday, April 15th        
Phillies(mj)  vs  Mariners(mj)  Field #1 10:00 AM EDT
Marlins(mn)  vs  Reds(mn)  Field #2 10:00 AM EDT
Hornets(mjs)  vs  Falcons(mjs)  Field #3 10:00 AM EDT
Angels(rk)  vs  Orioles(rk)  Field #4 10:00 AM EDT
Magic(rks)  vs  Warriors(rks)  Field #5 10:00 AM EDT
Ironbirds(cp)  vs  Bulls(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 10:00 AM EDT
Trash Pandas(cp)  vs  Hot Rods(cp)  T-Ball Field 10:00 AM EDT
Hooks(cp)  vs  Marauders(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 11:00 AM EDT
Mudhens(tb)  vs  River Bandits(tb)  T-Ball Field 11:00 AM EDT
Yankees(mj)  vs  Astros(mj)  Field #1 12:00 PM EDT
Giants(mn)  vs  Pirates(mn)  Field #2 12:00 PM EDT
Wolverines(mns)  vs  Scorpions(mns)  Field #3 12:00 PM EDT
Cardinals(rk)  vs  Tigers(rk)  Field #4 12:00 PM EDT
Hornets(rks)  vs  Outlaws(rks)  Field #5 12:00 PM EDT
Emeralds(cp)  vs  Mudcats(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 12:15 PM EDT
Grasshoppers(tb)  vs  Blue Rocks(tb)  T-Ball Field 12:15 PM EDT
Rivercats(cp)  vs  Riverdogs(cp)  Coach-Pitch Field 1:15 PM EDT
Knights(tb)  vs  Timber Rattlers(tb)  T-Ball Field 1:15 PM EDT
Rays(rk)  vs  Royals(rk)  Field #4 2:00 PM EDT
Bluejays(rk)  vs  Redsoxs(rk)  Field #5 2:00 PM EDT
Braves(mj)  vs  Padres(mj)  Field #1 2:15 PM EDT
Brewers(mn)  vs  Cubs(mn)  Field #2 2:15 PM EDT
Dynamites(mns)  vs  Cyclones(mns)  Field #3 2:15 PM EDT
Mighty Mussels(cp)  vs  Railriders(cp  Coach-Pitch Field 2:30 PM EDT


WELCOME to North Oldham Little League website. Tryouts for Major, Minor & Rookie baseball and softball divisions will be on Saturday, February 25th Sign-Up for the 2023 season starts January 14th at Walsh Park for in person sign-ups.  

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