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Sunday Game Highlights

By Brad Clifford 05/20/2024, 7:15am EDT

   It was a hot sunny afternoon at Walsh Park Sunday with a full slate of makeup games.  In T-Ball,  the Grizzlies Brook Farmer got the game ball for her defense and she had three hits. In Coach Pitch,  the River Bandits Everett Self bounced one over the Coach pitch fence.  In Major Baseball,  the  Dodgers scored three times in the fifth inning to beat the Orioles 1-0.  The D-Backs stopped the Astros 9-3,  In Minor Baseball, the Cubs topped the Giants 6-5, the Brewers stopped the Nationals 11-4,  The Mets  came back on the Reds winning 9-7 and to finish off the day the Pirates knocked off the Marlins 8-4.  In Minor SOftball, the Scorpions  stopped the Warriors 11-10 in their first game and lost to the Outlaws 14-8 in the second game.  In Rookie Baseball, the Angels topped Cardinals 11-10, Mariners over A's 6-0, Whitesox defeated the Yankees 17-9.  In Rookie Softball, the Cyclones swept their doubleheader  with wins over the Magic 12-3 and the Rampage 9-7.  Visit our website for game highlights of each game.

Saturday Game Highlights

By Brad Clifford 05/18/2024, 10:15pm EDT

With early morning fog gone the fields were ready to go with a new O'Glory raised to go with great weather and great games made Walsh Park a good place to be on  Saturday. In Coach Pitch, the Emeralds Peyton Hudnall picked up the game ball with  a couple of catches and had two hits.  In Major Baseball, the Bluejays took care of the Rangers 15-4 and the Dodgers held off a late rally by the Phillies to win 10-8.  In Minor Baseball, the Cubs started the day with a 12-6 win over the Mets, the Rockies defeated the Nationals 13-6 and the Padres finished the day with their first win as Easton Craig had the game winning hit in the bottom of the sixth inning to win 6-5.  In Minor Softball,  the falcons and the Warriors picked up wins by the score 9-7 and 15-8 respectfully. In rookie Baseball, the   Tigers remained undefeated by beating the Cardinals 17-3, the Guardians was back in the win column with a 9-5 score over the Twins, the Redsoxs stopped the Marines 6-4 as  Elijah Self hit his third out of the park  homerun of the season. and the Angels edged the Yankees 9-8.  In Rookie Softball, the Magic defeated the Falcons 13-9 and the Wolverines took care of the Rampage 20-14.  Visit our website for game highlights of each game.

Thursday Night Games

By Brad Clifford 05/17/2024, 6:45am EDT

With no rain for day  the fields were ready to go for some exciting game Thursday night at Walsh Park.  In Major Baseball, the Phillies  needed an extra inning to beat the Dodgers 7- 5 .  In Minor Baseball, the Mets took care of the Giants 16-3.  In Minor Softball, the Falcons remained undefeated by beating the Warriors 18-6.  In Rookie Baseball, the Mariners edged the Twins 10-9.  In Rookie Softball the Wolverines held off the Falcons 14-13 for the win.  Visit our website for game highlights of each game.

Wednesday Night Games

By Brad Clifford 05/16/2024, 6:00am EDT

After Tuesday night rainout we were able to get all the games completed on Wednesday  in between some afternoon and evening showers where there was plenty of exciting games.  In Major Baseball, the Braves took down league leader Orioles 4-2.  In Minor Baseball,  the scoreboard stayed busy as the Brewers rolled past the Padres 21-12 and over on Field #3 the Cubs stopped the Nationals 4-1 behind the pitching of  Owen Turley and Brayden Hall.  In Minor Softball, the Outlaws  defeated  the Dynamite 11-8.  In Rookie Baseball, the Redsoxs was back in the win column with 14-8 win over the Angels 14-8.  In Coach Pitch the Rockhounds Kirk Burris picked up the game ball with a couple of hits. Visit our website  for game highlights of each game.

Saturday Game Highlights

By Brad Clifford 05/12/2024, 9:45am EDT

5/11/24  Walsh Park was a busy place on Saturday  with a great crowd , great weather  and some great games. In Major Baseball the Astros picked up two wins against the rangers 10-2 and 20-3.  The D-Backs topped the Bluejays again 5-1.  In Major  Softball, the Hornets  edged the Panthers 7-5.  In Minor Baseball, the Pirates  came back on the Mets to win 4-3.  The Brewers picked up a 14-9 win against the Reds and the Marlins finsihed the afternoon  with a 13-3 win over the Rockies.  In Minor Softball, the Outlaws rolled pase the Warriors 20-5.  In Rookie Baseball, the  The Yankees beat the Athletics 17-12, the Guardians stopped the Whitesoxs 16-5 and the Angels defeated the Mariners 13-5. Over on Field #5 the Tigers  defeated the Redsox 9-4.  The Redsox Elijah Self hit his second out of the park  homerun for the week .  In Rookie softball, the Wolverines defeated the Magic 14-3.  Visit our website for game highlights of each game.


Tuesday Night Games

By Brad Clifford 05/01/2024, 6:30am EDT

April came to a close on Tuesday as the fields at Walsh Park  were ready to go for some exciting games after overnight rain.   In Major Baseball, the Orioles  shutout the Phillies 4-0.  In Minor Baseball, the Cubs four run fourth inning broke  a 3-3 tie as they defeated the Nationals 7- 3.  In Minor  Softball, The Falcons rally back after being down 5-0 in the first inning to top the Warriors 14-6.  In Rookie Baseball, The Tigers  Owen Ridgeway knocked in Lincoln Baker with the go ahead run in the sixth inning to excape with a 4-3 win over the Mariners.  In Rookie Softball, the Falcons rally back with five runs in the top of the sixth inning to beat the Magic 11-10. In Coach-Pitch, the Rivercats Nathan Ward picked up the game ball for getting a runner out at  homeplate and another one at second base and had a couple of hits at the plate. Visit our website for game highlights of each  game.

Upcoming Games May 18 to May 24th

Major Baseball - mj    Major Softball-mjs    Minor Baseball-mn                    Minor Softball - mns  Rookie Baseball - rk   Rookie Softball - rks                Coach-Pitch - cp    T-Ball - tb  

Monday, May 20th        
Home Team   Visitors Field Time
Marlins(mn) vs Brewers(mn) Field #1 6:00pm
Cubs(mn) vs Pirates(mn) Field #2 6:00pm
Dynamite(mns) vs Warriors(mns) Field #3 6:00pm
Angels(rk) vs Whitesox(rk) Field #4 6:00pm
Twins(rk) vs Athletics(rk) Field #5 6:00pm
Emeralds(cp) vs Bulls(cp) Coach Pitch Field 6:00pm
Might Mussels(tb) vs Iron Pigs(tb) T-Ball Field 6:00pm
Space Cowboys(cp) vs Timber Rattlers(cp) Coach Pitch Field 7:00pm
Grasshoppers(tb) vs Cannon Ballers(tb) T-Ball Field 7:00pm
Tuesday,  May 21st        
Orioles(mj) vs Phillies(mj) Field #1 6:00pm
Mets(mn) vs Padres(mn) Field #2 6:00pm
Hornets(mjs) vs Panthers(mjs) Field #3 6:00pm
Yankees(rk) vs Mariners(rk) Field #4 6:00pm
Falcons(rks) vs Wolverines(rks) Field #5 6:00pm
Lugnuts(cp) vs Bulls(cp) Coach Pitch Field 6:00pm
Rivercats(cp) vs Rockhounds(cp) Coach Pitch Field 6:00pm
River Bandits(cp) vs Hooks(cp) Coach Pitch Field 7:00pm
Space Cowboys(cp) vs Railriders(cp) T-Ball Field 7:00pm
D-Backs(mj) vs Rangers(mj) Field #1 8:00pm
Wednesday, May 22nd        
Orioles(mj) vs Braves(mj) Field #1 6:00pm
Giants(mn) vs Nationals(mn) Field #2 6:00pm
Angels(rk) vs Guardiansrk) Field #3 6:00pm
Tigers(rk) vs Twins(rk) Field #4 6:00pm
Yankees(rk) vs Cardinals(rk) Field #5 6:00pm
Railriders(cp) vs Ironbirds(cp) Coach Pitch Field 6:00pm
Bats(tb) vs Blue Rock(tb) T-Ball Field 6:00pm
Marauders(cp) vs Emeralds(cp) Coach Pitch Field 7:00pm
Grizzlies(tb) vs Mudhens(tb) T-Ball Field 7:00pm
AstrosField #1)mj)   Bluejays(mj) Field #1 8:00pm
Thursday, May 23rd        
Brewers(mn) vs Rockies(mn) Field #1 6:00pm
Reds(mn) vs Marlins(mn) Field #2 6:00pm
Falcons(mns) vs Outlaws(mns) Field #3 6:00pm
Athletics(rk) vs Guardiansrk) Field #4 6:00pm
Rampage(rks) vs Cyclones(rks) Field #5 6:00pm
Hot Rods(cp) vs Riverdogs(cp) Coach Pitch Field 6:00pm
Grasshoppers(tb) vs Blue Rock(tb) T-Ball 6:00pm
Red Wings(cp) vs Tin Caps(cp) Coach Pitch Field 7:00pm
Might Mussels(tb) vs Grizzlies(tb) T-Ball Field 7:00pm
Astros(mj) vs  Bluejays Field #1 8:00pm
Friday, May 24th        
Dodgers(mj) vs Braves(mj) Field #1 6:00pm
Giants(mn) vs Mets(mn) Field #2 6:00pm
Falcons(mns) vs Dynamite(mns) Field #3 6:00pm
Cardinals(rk) vs Redsox(rk) Field #4 6:00pm
Wolverines(rks) vs Magic(rks) Field #5 6:00pm
Trash Pandas(cp) vs Yard Goats(cp) Coach Pitch Field 6:00pm
Bullsd   Hooks(cp) Tball 6:00pm
Tide(cp) vs Storm(cp) Coach Pitch Field 7:00pm
Grasshoppers(tb)   Iron Pigs(tb) Tball 7:00pm
D-Backs(mj) vs Astros(mj) Field #1 8:00pm
Pirates(mn) vs Reds(mn) Field #2 8:00pm
Athletics(rk) vs Whitesox(rk) Field #3 8:00pm


WELCOME to North Oldham Little League website.   The 2024 season is underway and will end  June 20.  Visit the game highlights for highlights of each game.  Fall Ball Sign-up information will be available mid June with practices starting in August.

2024 Volunteers

Anyone interested in volunteering for North Oldham Little League for the 2024 season as a manager, coach, team parent, scorekeepers, team parents,concession stand workers or umpires must fill out volunteer application(below) or is in sign-up Packet page 6-7. You also must watch abuse awareness training at the link SafeSport Resources for Leagues - Little League (abuse Awareness for adults) and turn in its completion certificate with Volunteer Application.

All Umpires and Concession stand workers looking for work must fill out this as well.

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